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You're buying a journey and story each time you shop and joining a community of customers who also believe in Ethical consumerism.


Live your passion by shopping from Small Businesses, Creators, and Entrepreneurs. You have access to ethically-driven Products, Services, and Brands locally grown on Knack.

Are you a reseller?

We believe that great stories increase margin, not more products. We have no problem with resellers who sell their products on the proper platforms as we understand a reselling business can operate ethically, but for Knack, we prefer to work with the source.

We believe is that the best products, and the entrepreneurs behind those products, have an incredible story to tell, and we're here to help scale those stories.

If you're a vintage or luxury reseller, you're welcome to join our marketplace, but you'll need to provide additional information before we can approve your shop.

Buying on Knack

We know consumers are looking for more ethically driven brands and products where their purchase makes an impact on a small business and helps fight labor trafficking in the U.S. where 71% of those experiencing forced labor entered this country lawfully.

As a customer, your dashboard will document and organize your purchases, categorize the products and services you love most, allow you to manage your product reviews, and chat with a seller.

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The marketplace is open. Submit your application below to get started. We are looking for established artisans, small businesses, and unique service providers to join our beta launch.

After you've applied and received your invitation to set up your account, we'll gift you one free year of Knack Pro and two years free if you're an established seller on Etsy, Shopify, or Amazon Handmade. We'd love to have you on Knack.

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