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Knack is redesigning the future of the Marketplace. If you have it to sell, you can sell it on Knack! We enable anyone to monetize their items, services, and talents.

What does human-centric mean to us? It means that we honor the hard work of our artists, handmade creatives, and our home-based service entrepreneurs. We’ve developed tools to help our shoppers make that distinct connection. We’re here to help you monetize your efforts, and will support you throughout your selling journey!

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Times are changing and needs are growing. Regardless if you want to sell in bulk, or your business buys wholesale, you can sell it on Knack. As a frictionless marketplace, we do our best to keep control in the hands of the seller while building and maintaining the best tools in the industry.

We’re looking for resellers that source and sell ethical and authentic products as their ethos. We understand that certain products may be exempt, or important to your margins, but our shoppers are conscious and considerate when purchasing. They trust Knack to provide an enjoyable, frictionless experience.

Product & Features

When you buy on Knack, you establish a personal connection with sellers, local merchants, and aid in the growth of the emerging online retail market. Secondhand is quickly becoming a global phenomenon, and is expected to grow 127% by 2026. Knack is building a sellers and buyers Marketplace where everyone wins.

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Free shipping for sellers, print shipping labels, a fully managed Knack Money Account , no listing fees, and features to import listings from Shopify, Etsy, and Amazon. Knack provides everything you need to start or grow your business, downsize or simply make extra cash.
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Knack is open and selling selectively as we continue to grow and scale our marketplace. If you’re interested in joining early, fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you. We’re looking for established creatives, businesses, and service providers.

After joining and set up your account, we’ll give you one year free of charge of Knack Pro automatically when we release subscriptions. After you’re established and selling on Knack, it’d be great if we could pick your mind on upcoming changes and ideas for our research.
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